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How to Train Persian Cats to Use Litter Box

A lot of times, litter box issues can be the deal breakers for cat owners especially if they are allergic to cat urine. Persian cats and kittens are particularly fussy about the litter box and often take a lot of time to be trained for. However, there are some tricks and techniques with which these Persian cats can be easily trained to use the litter. Some of the tips and techniques are listed below for you.

persian litter box trainingPersian cats are quite famous for their behavior towards litter box. In the sense that they are very particular about the cleanliness of the litter box; although, the reason for this is not known yet, it is found that their behavior automatically changes once the litter box is cleaned. Some people even suggest that it should be scooped twice a day. However, if this is not the problem you face, then you should checkout the type of litter box you’re using.

Clumping litters made up of clay are very popular and most Persian cats don’t have any problem with it. Plus, since it is made up of clay, it does not have any odor, which makes it more Persian-cat-friendly. Before putting the litter, consider sprinkling baking soda at the bottom of the box and it surely helps in spreading some fragrance and cats love it. Persian cats also consider type of the litter, something that goes into their long Persian fur; and for this clay is an amazing solution.

Training young Persian cats to use the litter can be a daunting task if you don’t know the ins and outs of it. However if you remember the above tips, you’re sure to have a great experience these beautiful cats. Just know that, these cats are not deliberately trying to frustrate you; it’s just something that they don’t like. And, after spending some time with them, they’re sure to understand what you need. Take a look at best automatic kitty litter box tips & hints right here

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