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Functions and Features of an Automatic Tea Brewer

622-MA_1People have been drinking tea for centuries, but it wasn’t only until these last few years when an automatic tea brewer was introduced. This tea brewing technology has revolutionized the way people prepare tea, providing them ease and convenience in tea preparation and eliminating the hassles and inconveniences of the task. Because of the huge benefits of automatic tea brewers, using this revolutionary device has become a popular option among tea drinkers.

How Automatic Tea Brewers Work
Automatic tea brewers work basically the same with coffeemakers. They combine the functions of the infuser that works like a tea bag holding the tea leaves for brewing, the filter and the water heating capabilities into one automatic machine. Most automatic tea brewers start to work as soon as water is poured into them and the tea is added. They automatically shut off when the tea finishes steeping.

Automatic Tea Brewing Guidelines
An automatic tea brewer, despite being automatic, doesn’t always mean that it can produce and guarantee perfectly-tasting brewed tea. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to its ability to produce brews with excellent taste and aroma. Below are some helpful tips on how to produce quality brews.

The time needed to brew tea depends largely on the size of the tea leaf. The bigger the leaf, the longer the brewing time.
While using small tea balls and infusers can provide tasty brews, brewing tea leaves in loose is often recommended to maximize the taste. Doing so allows the tea leaves to release all their flavors.
Use bottled or filtered water when brewing tea. While tap water can also be used, make sure that it is free from chemicals. Run the faucet for about ten seconds before filling the automatic tea brewing device with tap water.
How the brewing tea tastes depends on individual taste and preferences. You can add flavors like lemon, honey or sugar to the brew.

The Qualities of Good Automatic Tea Brewers
Automatic tea brewers are available in a wide variety of shapes, features, sizes, make and color. A rounded or oval stainless steel automatic tea brewer with black plastic lid and cool-touch handle is a popular choice among consumers.

There are hundreds of automatic tea brewers available in the market today. The best ones, however, are built with features that ensure the tea is seeped at the right amount of time. Also, quality brewers automatically shut off when the steeping cycle is completed to ensure a smooth and healthy tea without any bad taste, astringency or bitterness.

Good automatic tea brewers also ensure that the heat is retained inside the equipment for a significant amount of time. Many of today’s manufacturers feature tea brewers that are built with double-wall stainless steel housing to ensure that the temperature is retained better and the tea stays heated longer even when the equipment has shut itself off.

Good automatic tea brewers also provide hot brewed tea in a matter of seven to ten minutes. The faster the equipment brews tea and the longer the tea stays heated, the better the equipment. Many manufacturers have also introduced an all-in-one automatic machine that does not just brew tea, but is also ideal for brewing coffee and making hot chocolate, oatmeal and noodles. Most also have detachable electrical cords, making it easier for users to clean and store the device, as well as a wide open water reservoir for easy cleaning and filling.

Buying Automatic Tea Brewers
With hundreds of automatic tea brewers available in a wide variety of types, colors, styles and make, finding the best ones may be a daunting task. The following tips, however, may just help you find a top-quality automatic tea brewer that best suits your style and preference.

Set your budget. Depending on their style, features and other factors, automatic tea brewers can be sold from a fair, quite inexpensive price to a super expensive one. Stick to your budget and don’t get too overwhelmed by the features or style of the more expensive automatic tea brewers.
Determine the features you need in an automatic tea brewer. Since this type of device offers a wide variety of features, not all features are actually useful. Determine which of these features will be useful to you. Note that the more features the device has, the more expensive it is.
If you choose to buy online, make sure that the online store is a reputable store. Remember that the internet has been penetrated by fake websites who claim to have top-quality products, but are only bound to steal your identity and your money.
If you are buying from your local appliance store, always evaluate each of the automatic tea brewers that you see. Ask questions from the store personnel if necessary.
The automatic tea brewer has indeed revolutionized the way people make tea. Instead of going through the inconveniences and hassles of the traditional method, which generally takes twenty minutes of prep time, automatic tea brewers can provide you great and perfectly-brewed tea in as little as ten minutes. And because using this revolutionary device has become popular, many stores have started to offer a multitude of them, providing you more options. Certainly, there is an automatic tea brewer that will best suit your needs, style and preference.

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