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Automatic Toaster Guide

showimage.aspxGenerally speaking, the automatic toaster is a small appliance used in the kitchen. It is designed and intended to toast different kinds of bread products. A typical modern automatic toaster with double slice rows draws power from about 600 to 1200 watts, and produces toasted bread in about a minute and up to three minutes.

There are also non-electric toasters, which obviously do not need electric power to run, but utilizes open flames and fire to toast various bread products, and a new innovative toasters that utilize static electricity. In order to use this type of toaster, a user must wind up a rotating mechanism for it to store the needed power to generate enough heat and toast some bread.

Modern automatic toasters are generally split into three main types:

  • oven toasters
  • pop-up toasters
  • conveyor toasters.

When people say “automatic toasters”, they are actually referring to the common pop-up toaster. Pop-up toasters are electrically powered. It has typically two inward slots, wherein slices of bread can be inserted vertically. These slots are usually only big enough to accommodate one slice at a time; however, as mentioned, pop-up toasters usually have two slots, so a user can toast two slices of bread at the same time.

The user can initiate the heating and toasting process by depressing the lever attached to the side of the toaster. Pop-up toasters are referred to as “automatic” because it possesses a special device inside of it that automatically determines and detects whether the toasting process is done or not.

This function is what made the automatic toaster a popular kitchen appliance, and one can find it almost all homes’ kitchens. People eat toasted bread usually for breakfast, and people having their breakfast in the morning are usually on the go so they cannot focus much of their attention on toasting their bread, to check whether if it is done or burnt black already.

The special thermal device integrated inside pop-up toasters is also responsive and receptive to the actual temperature of the bread being toasted. Like in toasters with built in timers, pop-up toasters also have controls that let users tweak and adjust the degree of how their bread is toasted.

Compared to pop-up toasters, oven toasters come in slightly larger sizes. Oven toasters are primarily miniature ovens that are electrically powered, unlike the common ovens which are larger and are powered by gas and actual flames. Like the regular oven, oven toasters have doors and a tray and rack inside.

In order to toast some bread with this appliance, a user must lay the bread on the tray, close the toaster’s door, and turn the timer dial. One can put several slices of bread, and the actual number of slices it can handle depends on the size of the oven toaster.

However, a user must be careful not to stack the bread loaves high, because it might get in contact with the electronically heated tube at the toaster’s ceiling. Any food that comes in direct contact with the heated tubes will of course be burnt to a crisp very quickly, therefore ruining one’s toast experience.

Similar to the pop-up toasters, oven toasters have heat degree controls, but the length of the toasting process is not determined automatically here; instead, a user must set the toaster to a specific time with the dial controls. The length of time depends on what a user wants to heat or toast.

Users do not have to worry much about this, because most oven toasters have time recommendations for general kinds of food posted or printed at the appliance’s body or control panel. This type of automatic toaster is very versatile as well, unlike the pop-up toaster which can only heat or toast bread slices only. One can toast, heat and even cook hotdogs, bacon, ham, luncheon meat, pizza, cookies, pork cutlets, and other types of food that do not require complicated heating processes.

The conveyor toaster is an automatic toaster designed for more large-scale projects and purposes. This is also a kitchen appliance, but not a home appliance. Conveyor toasters are typically used by catering services, restaurants and other food establishments. Conveyor toasters have integrated conveyor belt (thus the origin of the appliance’s name) feeds that move slices of bread in and out of the toaster automatically.

Conveyor toasters come in different sizes and complexity of features, depending on the user’s purposes. These automatic toasters are impressively capable of heating and toasting 400 to 1000 bread slices per hour.

Similar to most home appliances and devices, more sophisticated automatic toasters are now being produced. The most advanced automatic toaster models now feature computer powered controls, instead of mechanical powered controls. There are also some new models that can be hung underneath cabinets and cupboards to save space, unlike the common ones that are designed as counter top appliances.

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