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Tips on Finding the Right Cordless Drill Combo Kit

P13827208For any handy man, finding the right cordless drill combo kit is essential. With the right cordless drills, anyone can fix a broken sink, or drill a hole on the wall to hang framed portraits and home decors. But fact is, if one knows what aspects to look for in a drill combo kit, it doesn’t take a handy man or an expert to distinguish the best tools kit available in the market. What is difficult is how to find the right tools for certain tasks.

With the advancement in technology, more and more smart tools have also become sophisticated nowadays for the users’ convenience. Through time, the regular cordless drills have been modified to offer improved performance when it comes to battery life, and many other features.

There are many cordless drill combo kits available in the market today. Each kit may contain different accessories – including screw drivers and sometimes, even a flashlight. The best thing about combo kits is the fact that it costs so much less compared to when you buy each item individually.

In order to get the best package, here are some of the factors to consider when buying a cordless drill combo kit.

Most cordless tool combo kits are available at $400.00 to $1500.00, depending on the brand of the equipment, and the number of tools included in the kit. There are 4-piece combo kits, while some can go up to 10 pieces in each kit. Just like shopping for anything at all in a day to day basis, amongst the major factors that each consumer considers is the price of the product. It is wise to always check the price and the quality of the product – however, not all high-priced goods are the best in terms of quality.

Battery Life.
It is cost-effective when, in a combo kit, the cordless tools use the same battery and charger type. Most combo kits available on the market today would always include a cord less drill and a hammer as well. Moreover, take note that tools with higher voltage batteries are always the best ones to have. Drilling performance can be determined by the type of battery used over certain time duration.

Sometimes, re-charging can affect take so much time that it may slow down or reduce one’s productivity. Manufacturers of these cordless tools however have also improved the technology used for their batteries as these products become more and more popular and in demand. Lithium-ion batteries are mostly preferred.

Durability and Brand.
Consumers would also always look at the brand to have assurance of the products’ durability. At first glance, when identifying a product, most consumers would go for what has already been tested, most preferred and widely used. Some of the popular brands of a cordless drill combo kit are Makita, Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Bosch, Panasonic and Ryobi.

It’s also important to consider what type of job needs to be done in order to identify which cordless drill combo kit to buy. Think about the job and what other tools maybe useful inside the tool kit. Consider that fact that each drill combo kit comes with a set of tools either for a specific job or for a range of tasks. Consider what specific type of tasks you need a set of tools for. Otherwise, you will be spending some money on things you won’t be able to use.

Other factors would be the weight and the color of the tools included the combo kit. The weight gives the consumer an idea on the quality of material used to make it. Steel are of course heavier than plastic. The color gives an idea on where the tools are manufactured from – for example, red ones are made from Czech while the blue ones are from Switzerland.

There are different combo kits available on the market today. One of the mentioned makers is Black and Decker which manufactured an 18V 4 tool combo kit. This kit comes with an 18V 7-1/4” circular saw, 18V drill / driver, 18V cordless flashlight, 18V reciprocating saw, 2 18V batteries and a charger. The 18V drill is a two-speed drill, which is best for high speed drilling and gives a high torque in screw driving.

A variety of cutting applications is made easy with the powerful reciprocating saw. Other products, not only from Black and Decker, also come with these tools. Makita’s 7-Piece Combo set also includes an impact driver, a Hammer driver-drill, a radio and an angle grinder.

Whatever the brand is, no matter how many pieces of tools there are included in the cordless drill combo kit, what’s important is how well it will serve its purpose. Consider the best quality at the right price, the comfort and convenience of using it and the result it produces once the job gets done.

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