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Large Cockatiel Cage –Making Pets Happy and Pet Owners Worry-Free

237878For a bird lover, owning a bird for a pet is something that is truly enjoyable. They bring happiness to pet owners who watch them sing, cock their heads or play inside their cage. These truly endear a cockatiel to a potential owner. When someone is ready to have a cockatiel for a pet, the foremost consideration in taking care of it is the cage. Most importantly, the owner should look for a large cockatiel cage to ensure the safety and well-being of the pet bird.

Looking for the most suitable cage that fits the taste of the owner as well as the welfare of the pet can be quite challenging, though. The key is to determine what you are looking for and what you want and need for your pet, and the rest will just be easy. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing or buying cockatiel cages.

Size of the cage
The cockatiel cage size is the most important matter concerning cockatiels. Bird experts say that wide cages are more preferable for cockatiels compared to tall cages. So if you are looking for a cage to place your pet in, it is best to look for an appropriately large and wide cage. It is also important to remember that birds can be very active. Providing a large cockatiel cage for your pet will protect his wings from bumping into the sides of the cages. In that case, your pet can have a blast with spreading its wings at full length if it wants to.

Further, you also have to put in mind that one bird will occupy quite a large space so if you plan to have two birds in one cage, then the size should be doubly bigger. If you think that a relatively large cockatiel cage is a little expensive, you can start with one bird first so your budget will not be too affected by the purchase. By the time that your budget allows you to buy a larger cage and one more pet cockatiel, you can have the old cage sold. That will give you additional cash for the purchase of a large cage for a cockatiel.

Apart from the cage size, you can also consider the height of the cage that you’re going to buy especially if you’re planning to assemble perches for your pet to sit on. The cage should be tall enough to allow enough space for the perch so that the bird will feel convenient while sitting on it.

Safety of the cage
For a true pet lover, the safety of the pet is one that is never underestimated. You don’t want to worry about your pet cockatiel’s toes getting caught or wings getting scarred from bumping into the cage while they are climbing about. One thing to look at is the bar spacing of the cockatiel cage. A large case for a large bird should have large bar spacing so that the cockatiel will be safe inside the cage. Certain dangers will cause harm to your pet if you make wrong choices with their cages.

If the spaces between the bars of the cage are too wide, the bird’s head can get caught in between. A pet owner should not allow that from happening as that might choke the cockatiel. If there isn’t much space inside, the bird might find it difficult to grasp the bars inside the cage while climbing about. This might cause their feet or toes to be trapped between the bars. A pet owner should also avoid this as it might cause injury to the pet. Further, look for cages with horizontal bars as cockatiels enjoy climbing on them and will promote exercise for your pet. Lastly, it is also recommended that you buy cages with a parrot-proof latch. A cockatiel is one smart bird so a parrot-proof latch will be very helpful so that it cannot escape.

Functionality of the cage
In addition to the appropriate size and safety of the cages that you will buy for your pet is the functionality. Look for a wrought iron cage for sturdiness and cleanliness. Check if the cage has a removable tray that you can easily slide out to clean the bird droppings. This will make cleaning more convenient because the owner doesn’t have to open the main lock of the cage and risk the bird from escaping. Moreover, you can also consider buying a cage that has wheels on it. This will make it easier for you to move your pet every now and then for change of scenery. Think of cockatiels as humans – they get bored if they won’t be able to look around.

While giving them the space and scenery that will keep the cockatiel satisfied, you should make sure that the cage is not too direct towards the sunlight and any smoke. Too much sunlight and smoke might cause harm to your pet’s health. Also keep in mind that cockatiels like to be in the middle of a group so it will please them if you place their cage where people regularly pass by.

The best pet owner is one who tries to look for the best ways of treating a pet such as a cockatiel. Ensure the best for your pet cockatiel and purchase something that’s convenient for your part while being safe for your pet. Secure a large cockatiel cage to make your pet happier and healthier.

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