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How to Prevent Cats from Scratching Furniture

 	How to Prevent Cats from Scratching FurnitureAre you wondering how to prevent cats from scratching furniture? Do you have cats that tear your furniture and give you run for your money? Here’s something important for you to read. Let’s first ask ourselves – why do cats tear furniture?

Cats often scratch furniture because they tend to visually mark their territory. They leave pheromones scent with the scent pads at the bottom of their feet. That’s one undeniable reason. But the other reasons are their instinctual behavior to groom and sharpen their nails, and not to forget to stretch their muscles.

Anyway, if you want to keep your cat away from your furniture, follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy slipcovers made of cotton-twill material that are strong and cover furniture with it. It protects your furniture from any scratching from your cats. The slipcovers aren’t too expensive either.
  2. Use a double-sided tape over the slipcovers to make the surface of the furniture unpleasant for your cat(s).
  3. Cats scratch furniture also because of their instinctual behavior; you need to give them an alternative to scratch. Place a tall scratching post just next to the sofa. It keeps the cat away from the sofa and at the same time gives her with what she needs. However, ensure to cover the post with material such as sisal, or cardboard. Cats love to scratch them.
  4. If your cat doesn’t notice the post, sprinkle some liquid catnip extract on it. This attracts your cat to it. If it fails to attract your cat on day one, don’t give up. Spray the catnip extract for few days until cat gets used the smell and starts using the post instead of your costly furniture.
  5. Squirt the cat with water if she tries to scratch the sofa. But, ensure that your cat doesn’t notice you with the water.

Hope this article help to answer your question i.e. how to prevent cats from scratching furniture 🙂

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