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How to Repair a Carpet Damaged by a Cat

repair damaged carpetCats’ tendency to scratch is one of the byproducts that come with them. This is visible on the carpets with number of scratches and tear areas. Fortunately, there are ways that teach us how to repair a carpet damaged by a cat without having to spend much time, efforts, and money. We talk about one such way by breaking it into few steps, so that you restore the torn areas of carpet to their original conditions.

  • Cut the piece of a carpet from one of the corners or from a leftover carpet which was first installed. Apparently, this is the first step towards restoring the carpet to its original glory. If you don’t have a leftover carpet, then a piece from an area of carpet that’s not much visible to public would do the needful. But, use only a utility knife for the purpose.
  • Now, cut the scratched or torn piece of carpet with same utility knife. Remove that area completely. Make sure that it’s done carefully and not much damage is done to the surrounding area.
  • Vacuum the area from where the damaged carpet is removed. This, allows you to perform the next course of action effectively and neatly.
  • You’ve already cut a piece from the leftover carpet before removing the cat scratched area. Place that on the vacuumed area and see if it fits the size properly. In short, check the size of the hole and the piece you want to glue.
  • Cut the replacement piece to fit the hole wholly and then fix it with carpenter’s glue. Let it dry for some time. After everything is done, check if you can still see the seam. If so, stuff some carpet fabrics to disguise it completely.

If you were searching for a possible answer to how to repair a carpet damaged by a cat, then your search probably ends with the end of this article. Doesn’t it?

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