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Pet Friendly Sofas

Pet Proof SofaHaving dogs, cats, and other pets is good, but it’s important to keep them away from the leather sofas and other costly furniture you’ve. While you’ve possible solutions to stop your pet from jumping and scratching the sofas, there are also pet friendly sofas available in the market.

Neither finding pet friendly sofas is a tedious task, nor is it to train the pets not to damage the sofas. All you’ve to do is know the things that matter, that’s it.

Prepare Your Pet

Irrespective of what furniture/sofas you’ve, it’s essential to train the pets to stay away from it. If you’ve pet cats, there are many ways to prevent them from jumping and scratching the couches and the chairs. You can follow those ways and train your cats. And if you’ve cats, positive reinforcement is what all is necessary. In case, your pet doesn’t learn the dos and don’ts of using a sofa, then you’ll have to take up additional measures.

Types of Sofas

The types of sofas also make a big difference in the price and its quality. Some sofas can easily withstand animals more than other. There is high-priced leather such as top grain and full grain which are durable in nature. Then there is low-priced leather such as bonded leather. It is made of smaller pieces of leather. So, based on the type of sofa you choose, the thickness of leather and its price differs.

Keeping Sofas Clean

Cleaning leather sofas might not be a big problem for you as it doesn’t withstand water or pet urine. It can easily be vacuumed and whipped off from the sofa. However, the rule of thumb is to keep the sofas clean to avoid your pet from damaging it.

When you’re out in the market to buy a sofa, think of the pets you’ve in your home. Buy pet friendly sofas so that the sofas aren’t damaged when your pets playfully jump and scratch it.

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