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“Tell Me Why?!” Want to Make Your Cat Use the Litter Box Again?

There is `always a reason behind a behavior. And reasons may vary like medical problems to anxiety to an injury. But there is always a solution to every problem. And we have the solution for your problem, right below! Medical

No! My Cat Uses the Houseplant as a Litter Box!

how to prevent cats from pooping in the garden

How to prevent cats from pooping in the garden? Though Cats are clean, their urge for hiding their ‘business’ can be a problem if you are an avid botanist! Unlike dogs, cats like to drop a deuce in fresh dirt,

Why is My Cat Not Using Litter Box Anymore

cat not using litter box anymore

Whining about your cat’s denial? Missing the weekly chores of cleaning the Litter Box? Wanting to stop the odor of your cat’s poop popping up from everywhere?! Here are few tips that can turn your frowns into smiles. The ASPCA