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Is There a Fat Burning Pill for Women that is Both Safe and Effective

Safe Fat Burning PillsEver since man learned that a hearty claim was worth a dollar (whether or not the product lived up to the claim) he has been selling pills and potions faster than you can say “cure me!” In days of old, these men were often called “snake oil salesmen” which originated from those that sold actual snake oil as a cure for just about everything that could ail you. Today, these men are called SUPPLEMENT COMPANIES.

The fact is, just about everything you can buy over the counter that is considered a supplement, and this includes vitamins, fat burners, products to help you feel more energetic, and muscle builders, are CRAP. It’s sad but true.

You see, these products simply are not regulated the way other products are and these companies are allowed to make all sorts of claims as what their products can do and sell them whether or not they do what they claim.

Because of this, it simply isn’t as profitable to take the time, effort, and money needed to create products that are actually effective…it is much more profitable to put some cheap ingredients together in pill form and push it out to the public. Those who are yearning for a solution to their problem gladly buy the claims and the products.

I mean, who DOESN’T want to believe that they can lose all their body fat by just taking a little pill? All it costs is $39? Sign me up! This is the mentality that drives this fat burning pill for women market year after year after year into a multi billion dollar industry.

Here is a question for you. What if I told you that I could sell you some powder right now. All you would need is about 1 gram of the stuff and after taking it, you would feel instantly energized, alert, and POWERFUL! In turn, this stuff speeds up your metabolism as well and weight loss with regular use is all but GUARANTEED!!! You in? Well…that product is COCAINE. The claims sound familiar, huh? In fact, if the stuff were legal, you might even give it a whirl, no? BUT…it isn’t.

The downside of taking cocaine far outweighs the upside and this is why it just isn’t a viable solution. Because the supplements we can buy over the counter ARE legal, we assume their safe, but many of them may be no safer than cocaine to our bodies and often with even less effective results. So, why do we take them? Again, because they are legal and we WANT to believe. So, is there really a fat burning pill for women that works?

The answer is SOMETIMES.  Occasionally, a pill or powder will come along that does show promise. It proves in studies to not only be effective, but also relatively safe for our bodies. These pills CAN potentially help you lose weight but they should not be seen as a perfect solution and if one is interested in becoming thinner and in better shape, a healthy diet and rigorous exercise program should be implemented.

Having said that, some careful research has determined that the following fat burning pill for women products may be helpful in supporting weight loss as determined by the Mayo Clinic:

Alli-Previously available in prescription form, Alli is now available over the counter. This product prevents the body from absorbing all the fat from your normal diet and has shown results in those that have taken it, but…studies are being performed currently based on claims that this product can damage your liver. These studies are not conclusive at this time.

Green Tea pills-Now, green tea in its regular form (tea bags steeped in hot water) are certainly healthy and provide an excellent source of anti-oxidants and while the pill form may not be as pure, the results are that it is probably safe (as long as there are not additional ingredients) and may be effective to some degree as a fat burning pill for women.

CLA-Conjugated Linoleic Acid-This is another over the counter that is supposed to burn fat while building muscle. Studies show some effectiveness and it is generally safe if normal consumption directions are followed.

There may be other pills that are effective to some degree and some that are touted as safe from other reliable medical sources but we may add to this list at another time. In the meantime, we would like to reinforce that health usually comes from diligence, consistency, education, and hard work. The only pill you need to lose weight is this pill of wisdom:

A healthy diet, daily rigorous exercise, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, and a positive mental attitude.

This pill ALWAYS works and ALWAYS will, but…will you decide to take it?

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