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Weight Loss Diets Using Organic Food All Health or All Hype

Organic FoodIf health and beauty plays any kind of role in your world at all, then chances are you have tried a diet or two in your lifetime. Now, everyone that is living has a DIET…which simply means the type of food you eat regardless if you have a goal of weight loss or not. But going ON a diet is another thing entirely. Millions of people go on diets each and every year in hopes of losing weight and feeling and looking better.

There are pills and potions of every kind imaginable and each within easy distance of you (and your wallet) but a recent trend has seen folks opting for a more natural approach to health and weight loss and that is eating organic foods for weight loss.

To begin with, in a general sense, the word ORGANIC simply means “from the earth.” This certainly precludes much of what many of us eat on a daily basis. If it comes in a package, it ain’t organic…to put it simply. One health professional explained his take on organic foods by saying “If it didn’t exist 3000 years ago…don’t eat it.” Organic foods are simply those that are not processed.

They are either fruits and vegetables grown naturally or animals that have not been administered antibiotics or hormones of any kind. As of 1990, the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) has created a list of strict regulations that farmers must follow in order for their foods to be considered organic. If a food is labeled as Organic, you can be fairly certain it is. Ok, so with the definition out of the way, how can an organic food diet help you lose weight?

The fact is, our bodies were not meant to process chemicals. Look on the back of any processed food and you will see a list of ingredients that sounds like the makings of a science experiment. These ingredients were lab created in order to prolong the shelf life of the food and in some cases make it taste better. What they were NOT designed to do is make you more healthy.

Therefore, our bodies don’t always know what to do with these chemicals and their build-up in our systems increase our levels of toxicity and can potentially lead to weight gain and even sickness. Organic foods, on the other hand, are very easily processed by our bodies and are used much more efficiently. This fact alone can help one lose weight.
Using an organic diet for weight loss is incredibly simple…all you have to do is eat ONLY organic food. If you drink milk, make sure it is organic milk, if you eat steak, make sure it is organic steak, etc.

No skimping. This can be difficult in the beginning as you have to find places that carry many types of organic foods, and the prices can be a little higher than some processed foods, but the reward will be how good you feel once you have been on the diet a while. Many people report increases in overall energy and vitality as well as significant weight loss.

Coupling an organic diet with an increase in physical activity can have fantastic additional results as well. Now, it is important to not overeat, but stick to a somewhat calorie restricted diet when trying to lose weight. Overeating can make you gain weight no matter what kind of diet you are on.

So, if it is weight loss you are after, an organic diet can be a safe and effective alternative to processed foods and DIET IN A PILL fads. Organic foods are the oldest and truest way to stay healthy known to man.

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