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Breast Enlargement What is the Real Cost

The desire to look and feel beautiful has perhaps never been greater than it is today. With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood thrust in our faces every day from just about every form of media imaginable, it is no wonder that so many of us try so hard to improve our appearance.

From losing weight, to weekly makeovers, manicures, pedicures, and high dollar hair do’s, the world of health and beauty is BIG business. But for those that become engrossed in the quest to look better, the cosmetic effect simply won’t do and they take things to the surgical level.

Plastic surgery was once the domain of those in need of repair due to birth defects or disfiguring accidents, but the trend has now moved to elective surgeries to improve the look of one’s features and is increasing at a rapid pace. Nowadays, breast enlargement is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures and is performed on women of all ages without regard to their existing size. If they want the size of their breasts altered, there is a doctor waiting with a scalpel to fulfill their wishes…but…at what cost?

Sure, there is the actual DOLLAR figure, which can run anywhere from about $4000 to over $10,000 depending on the work being done but that only represents a fraction of the REAL cost of one of these procedures. Money is money and if you have it, you are bound to spend it on one thing or another.

To many, a breast enlargement is just money spent on something they want, but in fact, this is a surgical procedure and with it come all the risks inherent in any surgery.While the surgical procedures of today are much less risky today than ever before, there is still a risk involved. Injury or even death can occur from almost every type of surgical procedure, especially those involving the level of anesthesia needed for breast enlargement.

Statistical data shows that approximately 1 person dies from anesthesia for every 10,000 that are administered it. Certainly a low number, but much higher than the number of people that die from having small breasts…in addition, there are a number of other complications that can occur from a surgical procedure of this kind including infections, scarring, and generally being unhappy with the results you get. While a doctor can tell you their best guess of how you will look, there is no real guarantee until the swelling subsides and the healing occurs.

Many women have experienced sagging, wrinkling, and even breasts that touch in the middle of their chest from botched breast enlargement surgeries.

So, when thinking about the topic of breast enlargement and COST, the true question becomes, what price are you willing to pay? Money is one thing, but your long term health and happiness is another and often something that you value MUCH more than the price of the procedure. It is wise to take all of this info into consideration and CAREFUL consideration at that before deciding on ANY elective surgery.

The fact is, if it goes wrong, the overall cost will be enormous. If it goes as planned, then the money spent was well worth it…the decision is yours. After all, beauty is only skin deep, but your health runs through to the bone…

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