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How To Keep Your Batik Fabric

batikSome of you might be familiar and even own Batik fabric. As basic information, the fabric is dyed by using the wax-resist technique. The pattern is handmade where the maker applies the melted wax to the fabrics. The pattern is made with decorative motifs.

After applying the melted wax, the users will leave the fabric to get dried before removing the wax. You might see there are many patterns of batik which are available. If you have this fabric, it is important for you to care the fabric in a proper manner. Proper care process can help your fabric in the vibrant color and good cloth condition.

Here are some steps on how to keep your Batik Fabric:

  • You will need to prepare some items including washing machine, laundry detergent, and clothes dryer. In cleaning the batik fabric, you should do it in the cold water. You should not mix the fabric with other clothes. Put the clothes on your washing machine and choose the short wash cycle. You do not need to worry, since the fabric is safe to be washed in the washing machine.
  • However, you have to ensure that you choose the soft washing cycle. You also need to use the gentle laundry detergent. If you are washing the new batik design, you should wash it in one or two cold rinses. It is for removing the excess dye from the fabric. Due to the same reason, you should not mix it with other clothes, since the excess dye can spread and ruin other clothes.
  • Ammonia is forbidden for you to use and other bleaches than can harsh your fabric. However, if your fabric is very thin and is designed with additional embellishments, you are more recommended to bring it to professional dry cleaner instead of cleaning it by your own.
  • After washing the fabric, you should put it in the dryer. Set the warm temperature for your dryer. Allow the batik fabric until it gets dry completely. You should not twist or wring the fabric to remove the moisture. You have to air dry the fabric, but it is not allowed to put it under the direct sunlight, especially if the fabric is using adornments or decorations.
  • When the fabric is dry, you can iron the batik fabric. In ironing the fabric, you have to set your iron in the low or medium setting. It is a big mistake if you are using the garment steamer or steam setting. The steam has the possibility to deform your fabric. You should place thin pieces of cotton cloth on both side of your fabric when you are ironing. The cotton clothes have the function to provide additional protection to prevent the fabric distortion.
  • If you have done ironing your batik fabric, you should fold the fabric before storing them away. Remember, you are not supposed to store the fabric under the direct sunlight. It is even better if you place the fabric in airtight plastic bags. This method is important, especially if you store the fabric for longer period. You can also store the fabrics in boxes which are waterproof and airtight. If you are storing the fabric in the box, you should wrap each fabric with acid-free paper. The paper can reduce the condensation impact and moisture damage.
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