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Women vs. Men in Sports Should Coed Competition be Allowed at all Levels

Man And WomanFrom time to time, we hear news stories about a young woman who is vying to be considered as a player on a team that is traditionally considered a “man’s” sport. This has occurred several times in the world of high school football and there are likely countless other cases in a variety of sports. The question always arises, “should women be considered equal to men in the world of sports?”

There are certainly divided schools of thought on this issue, but in terms of equality, I believe one logical line of reasoning should always win the argument every time:

If a person can be competitive, let them on the team!

In terms of women vs. men equality, I believe this line of reasoning should exist everywhere including sports and the professional world. However, this level of competence should be what is accepted as competitive NOW, not be changed BECAUSE a woman is in the running for a particular position. Let’s look at a woman trying out for a football team for instance.

Ok, let’s assume a coach is holding tryouts for a football team and there are 6 men candidates and 1 woman. These 7 people would perform the drills and workouts as prescribed by the coach. These would be no different for the 6 men than for the 1 woman…just BY THE BOOK drills and activities that the coach would give to any new recruit.

These could include running sprints for time, catching footballs, throwing or kicking footballs, tackling other players, etc. At the end of the tryouts, the question then becomes…who made the team and who didn’t?

In my opinion, if the woman was the BEST person there in all of the prescribed drills, she should get the position, no question. Let’s say the coach was going to take the top 3 performers, again, if she was in the top 3, she should get to play.

The obvious anatomical and genetic differences between men and women do not matter if she is playing as well as or better than other men vying for the same spot. If she doesn’t, it doesn’t even matter WHY…the fact is, she didn’t.

I mean, if a man tried out for the team and he was not fast, couldn’t catch a ball, and had no coordination, would it matter if he were white or black or Asian or was rich or poor or anything else for that matter? NO! It matters that he sucks at football and should not be on the team! That should be the only criteria…

I know, I know, the argument is not necessarily won that easily as there are a plethora of other intricacies that play into it, but in reality, all that really matters is if that person can do the job. Now, when it comes to NON contact sports, like swimming, golf, baseball, then heck yeah, there should be no real argument here. If a woman is capable and a great athlete, let her compete.

Case closed, now get on the field and score some points!

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